MAVIN Version: March 22, 2016 Poison Centre Munich

Tityus anduzei
Classification: Scorpion (animal group), Buthidae (family), Tityus (genus)
Geographic area: South America9
Indicated antivenom:
NrAntivenomType of antibodyNumber of holding centres
1.Soro Anti-Scorpion [Fundacao Ezequiel Dias, Brazil]paraspecific0
2.SORO ANTIARACHNIDICO [Instituto Butantan, Brazil]paraspecific1 (vials total 6)
3.SORO ANTIESCORPIONICO [Instituto Butantan, Brazil]paraspecific1 (vials total 5)
Countries of holding centres: GERMANY, UNITED_KINGDOM
CountryCityHolding centre and its antivenoms
Germany81675 Muenchen
Ismaningerstr. 22
Giftnotruf Muenchen, Klinikum Rechts der Isar
Tel:+49-89-19240; Fax:+49-89-41402467;
  1. SORO ANTIESCORPIONICO [Instituto Butantan, Brazil] (dosage)
    No. of vials: 5. Expiration date: 2013.05. Last update: 2013-03-21.
United KingdomLondon SE1 9RT
Great Maze Pond
Medical Toxicology Information Services, Guy's Hospital
Tel:+44-20-71880500(24 hour antivenom line), +44-20-71880600(administration); Fax:+44-20-71880700.
  1. SORO ANTIARACHNIDICO [Instituto Butantan, Brazil] (dosage)
    No. of vials: 6. Expiration date: 2011.05. Last update: 2013-03-09.