MAVIN Version: March 22, 2016 Poison Centre Munich

AntivenomSAIMR Echis Antivenom
ManufacturerSouth Africa
South African Vaccine Producers
Modderfontein Road 1
2131 Sandringham
Tel:+27-11-386-6000, Fax:+27-11-386-6016
NrName of animalTaxonomyType of antibodyReference
1.Echis ocellatusSpeciesspecific[A], [WHO]
2.Echis pyramidumSpeciesspecific[A], [WHO]
3.Echis spp. of african continent
List of further species and subspecies not mentioned explicitly in the reference (n=4): Echis hughesi, Echis jogeri, Echis leucogaster, Echis pyramidum leakeyi
[A]: South African Vaccine Producers, Southafrica: SAIMR Echis Antivenom. Clinical Toxinology Resources: Id »safsai04«, version 2014-09-25.
[WHO]: WHO. Venomous snakes distribution and species risk categories. Name of antivenom at WHO: »SAIMR Echis antivenom«.
Holding centres
    Total number of vials: n=18
  1. Sweden, 11181 Stockholm, Apoteket C.W. Scheele, Emergency-pharmacy Stockholm, Vials n=4
  2. Switzerland, 1211 Genève 4, Pharmacie des Hôpitaux, Universitaires de Genève, Vials n=4
  3. United Kingdom, London SE1 9RT, Medical Toxicology Information Services, Guy's Hospital, Vials n=10