Munich AntiVenom INdex (MAVIN)
Poison Centre Munich, 14 May 2013
In case of an accident with venomous animals there can be a problem to find a holding centre of an indicated antivenom close to the site of the accident. The intention of MAVIN is to assist solving this problem. Holding centres of antivenoms can use MAVIN by comparing a summary of the current status given here against the actual status of their stock and using in case of an update a preformed datasheet.
List of venomous animals
Venomous animals are described by their scientific names. An antivenom is regarded indicated, if the product information of the antivenom (published by the producer) say so. Common names are used as synonyms. The occurrence of an animal is indicated by geographic regions.
List of holding centres
List of all registered holding centres. Each holding centre is described in a document, which summarizes the address and the antivenoms kept by it.
List of antivenoms
List of all antivenoms currently defined.
Summary: focus on venomous animals and indicated antivenoms
Summary of all species and the indicated antivenoms of each.
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